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Bedrock Solar went above and beyond our expectations. They worked with our electric solar needs without trying to oversell. After everything was completed, we now pay less than a dollar a month during summer (Note: we run our downstairs and upstairs AC almost all day!). We used to live with being so uncomfortable in the hot summer months to save money on our electricity bill, around $350-500 in previous years. The system price overall was better than competitive. We constantly used to get solar sales people knocking on our door. When we were in process of getting our solar one salesman asked how much we were paying and how much output we would be getting. After telling him, he was speechless as he knew there was no way to compete with that price. We see our solar paying for it self in under 3 years! Also, the Bedrock Solar owner always made himself available to answer any questions or concerns we had along the way. Honestly, we canít say enough great things about BedRock Solar! If you are looking for an exceedingly great Solar company, look no further, you will not be disappointed.   Kristy B. / Murrieta, CA
Jan is an open, honest and experienced engineer and business man, he was focused on the job at hand did not exaggerate what was involved and patiently explained all that was involved in getting solar power. My solar bill has been non existent since last year and I will get a check for my overage this year. I would absolutely use Jan and Bed.rock Solar again and heartily recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting a solar alternative to existing power expenses.   Greg M. / Nuevo, CA
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