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Why consider PV Solar?
Because it makes financial sense! Even a smaller PV system will have a rate of return around 15 - 20%, with a payback around 4 - 5 years, including the 30% federal investment tax credit The payback of the system depends on the direction and tilt of the solar array. The best direction is facing directly south with a tilt of 15 - 30 degrees. A ground mount array always has the best production per watt, assuming there are no shading issues.
Photo Voltaic solar systems are extremely reliable. The solar modules operate silently and there are no moving parts that can wear out. The same goes for the inverters. Both solar modules and micro inverters are warranted for 25 years from the manufacturer.
The first step in considering PV solar starts by reviewing your electrical consumption and cost per kilowatt hour. Most residential accounts are on a "tiered rate schedule". If you review your utility bill you will find that the cost of the kWh's that fall into the higher tiers are more expensive. For the best rate of return, you should at least replace your electrical usage in tier 3 & 4 with PV solar power.
After reviewing your annual electric consumption, please give us a call or email and we'll get back to you with a very competitive proposal. All necessary paperwork and sales tax will be included in our proposal.
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